Nov 122012

With the so called “pilot shortage” you would think that employers should be flocking to your door if you have a pilot certificate.  But where are all these pilot jobs if there’s such a pilot shortage?

Today’s Wall Street Journal article talks about impending doom of regional airlines due to a lack of pilots.  It also talks about the new rule taking effect in August 2013 that will require ALL pilots (even co-pilots) of air carrier operations to have a minimum of an Airline Transport Pilot certificate (which requires a minimum of 1,500 hrs of flight time).

How will this affect those of you who are interested in pursuing a pilot career?  And more importantly, how should you prepare yourself for this?

Find out, on this week’s episode of PilotTricksTV…


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Want to find out the real scoop of this new rule? Check out their exact proposal of the rule: NPRM and Public Law

What does Capt. Sully Sullenberger (Hudson River hero) have to say about this?  Check out his interview.


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