Jun 272015
Flying With a Purpose

Ever wonder what happens after you get your Private Pilot certificate?  Sure, there’s the $100 Hamburger or going up to practice landings. But wouldn’t you rather have a purpose for flying? There are several ways you can use your pilot skills and knowledge to both keep you proficient, safe, give you that sense of wonder [...]

May 312014

While some may disagree with me, I have to give a resounding “YES”. Unfortunately, there are many times when I hear pilots touting their “thousands of hours” to less experienced pilots or the public. Even the media tends to inadvertently imply that thousands of flight hours is equivalent to superior skills and experience. Take some [...]

Sep 042013

Boeing has released its most recent Pilot and Technician outlook and predicts the need for nearly 500,000 airline pilots by 2032. They base these predictions on the number of present and projected airplane deliveries to their airline customers.  If the airplanes are getting bought…there must be pilots to fly them right? While these numbers might [...]