Sep 042013

Boeing has released its most recent Pilot and Technician outlook and predicts the need for nearly 500,000 airline pilots by 2032. They base these predictions on the number of present and projected airplane deliveries to their airline customers.  If the airplanes are getting bought…there must be pilots to fly them right? While these numbers might [...]

Feb 042013

The winner of the PilotTricks Gift Of Flight Scholarship has finally been announced!! Congratulations Ms. Melissa Huffman for winning the $3,000 Scholarship to help her solo! Check out the Winner of the Scholarship! We are still collecting donations to help fund this scholarship.  To help Melissa solo, see how you can help below. Follow Melissa’s progress on [...]

Oct 112012

Just Google “Cost of Private Pilot License” and you’ll be presented with a several flight schools estimates enticing you to choose them for your flight training needs. Their prices will vary from $4,000 to around $8,000 for the cost of a Private Pilot Certificate.  They will even tabulate all the different costs that will look [...]

Feb 152012
How Much Does It Cost To Become A Pilot

Hello fellow Flyers! I just got back from a flight with my instrument student and I wanted to share with you a topic that came up right before the flight.  The weather was kind of dicey with broken clouds and the surface temperature 10deg C above freezing.  Rob (my student) debated whether to cancel the flight [...]