Sep 042013

Boeing has released its most recent Pilot and Technician outlook and predicts the need for nearly 500,000 airline pilots by 2032.

They base these predictions on the number of present and projected airplane deliveries to their airline customers.  If the airplanes are getting bought…there must be pilots to fly them right?

While these numbers might have you jumping out of your chair and heading over to the nearest flight school to sign up, you might want to do a little bit more homework.

These numbers pertain to a worldwide need for airline pilots with nearly 40% of the need coming from the Asia Pacific airlines and another 20% of the need coming from Europe.

So, if you live in the US or Canada, unless you have working permits for Asia and/or Europe, the need for airline pilots in North America is only 85,700 by 2032 (or 17% of the worldwide need).

There are approximately 55,000 student pilot certificates issued each year (according to the FAA) – most are probably with the intent of becoming airlines pilots one day.  By 2032, that means that over 1 million people in the US have attempted to obtain a pilot certificate.  Yet only 85,700 airline jobs will be available… do the math as to how much competition you will have.  (Ok, I’ll do it for you….you will need to be in the top 8% to make it to the airlines if you live in North America and want to fly for a North American-based airline).

Now, don’t get discouraged!  Not everyone who gets a student pilot certificate wants to be an airline pilot.  In fact 80% of them never even get the Private Pilot Certificate.

So, if you want to pursue a dream as a professional pilot – go for it!!!  Here’s why:

  1. Once you obtain your Private Pilot Certificate, you will already have beat over 80% of the “competition”.
  2. Boeing’s predictions are for “airline pilots that will be needed”.  They don’t mention the myriad of other super sweet professional pilot jobs out there, such as corporate pilots, test pilots, ferry pilots, etc.
  3. You do not have to be rocket scientist to become a pilot – almost anyone can do it with enough training and determination.  Don’t forget to enjoy the journey just as much, if not more, than the destination
  4. Who says you can’t work for a foreign airline?  Many airlines take applicants from other countries to fulfill their need for pilots.  Some will even pay for your flight training.

The key to reaching your dreams is to get your flight training completed as soon as and as fast as possible.  Don’t be wishy washy, make a decision and give it 110%!

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