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When I decided I wanted to fly for a living, I had no idea what I needed to do.  I knew there was a flight school out there called Embry-Riddle that supposedly trained pilots.  So, after applying and getting accepted, I traveled down to Daytona Beach to get my wings.

I figured, a few more years of college and I would have my flying job.  Little did I know…that is simply not the way it works.  There’s a lot more you need before landing that dream job of airline pilot, corporate pilot, or some other pilot job flying those beautiful twin jets.

Find out exactly what you need to become a pilot by watching this video.


Click Here for more information about the FAA Medical Certificate

Click Here to learn How To Choose A Flight School

Click Here to learn How To Choose A Flight Instructor

Click Here for examples of How To Build More Flight Time


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2 comments on “What Do I Need To Do To Become A Pilot

  1. Chad Harris on said:

    Hello. Can you share the creative ways you’ve found to build your flight time? Great site btw!

    • Ruth on said:

      Hi Chad,

      In the last link below the video, I talk about the different ways I used to build flight time. Here is the link again:

      Hope that helps!


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