I Just Want To Learn To Fly For Fun


Flying as a hobby is extremely fun and rewarding!  Imagine taking your sweetheart on a scenic flight around the area.  There is nothing but clear blue sky and you can see for a hundred miles.  You land at a local airport, stop in at the FBO, get a courtesy car and stop in at a quaint little restaurant with the best crab cakes in the state.  Most FBOs have a courtesy car at no additional charge if you fill up your airplane with their fuel.  When your done, you return the car, hop back in the plane and take off into the blue sky for a beautiful flight back.  If you time everything right, you can see the sunset from the air right before you arrive at your home airport. 

Learning to fly should be fun, yet challenging and rewarding at the same time.  In order to have this combination, you should do your homework before you start your flight trianing.  Read the rest of the articles under this category and you’ll be on the right track in not time.

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