May 312014

While some may disagree with me, I have to give a resounding “YES”. Unfortunately, there are many times when I hear pilots touting their “thousands of hours” to less experienced pilots or the public. Even the media tends to inadvertently imply that thousands of flight hours is equivalent to superior skills and experience. Take some [...]

Sep 042013

Boeing has released its most recent Pilot and Technician outlook and predicts the need for nearly 500,000 airline pilots by 2032. They base these predictions on the number of present and projected airplane deliveries to their airline customers.  If the airplanes are getting bought…there must be pilots to fly them right? While these numbers might [...]

Jun 272013

Have you ever started shying away from your flight lessons because you didn’t feel prepared enough? It’s time to say good bye to those days where you just aren’t “one with the airplane”. Learning to fly can easily overwhelm you due to the vast amount of information that you must digest.  But, how do you [...]

Jun 092013

So many times we are comparing ourselves to others, that is how our brains are wired.  But, in the case of flight training, we are especially prone to feel bad when we are not progressing as fast as other student pilots. I used to wonder whether I was progressing at an appropriate pace in my [...]

May 262013

Thanks so much for helping out! I’m collecting data about how much time it takes people to get their Private Pilot certificate based on what type of school they went to and how long ago they finished flight training. If you would like to receive a notification for when the results are posted, enter your [...]

May 222013

80% of student pilots, NEVER finish flight training.  Don’t be one of them…. If you’re serious about becoming a private pilot, make sure you know the pitfalls that other student pilots fall into so that you can steer clear of them.  There are countless sources of information out there on the inter webs and it [...]