The ULTIMATE Private Pilot Kit – Includes Pilot Headset!


If you’re just starting out in your flying adventure, this is the kit you want!  It includes EVERYTHING you need to get you through your Private Pilot training.

Most kits only include material that you need for passing your written exam – they make you think that’s everything you need, but then you end up spending more money on stuff you need for the actual flight training. 

This kit is made up of the best material out there for student pilots – check out the reviews for yourself!

Who should buy this kit?

If you’re serious about getting your pilot certificate, but don’t know where to start – this is the kit for you.  It includes everything you need to complete your ground and flight training for the Private Pilot Certificate.  People pay more than $200 for just the headsets alone.  You can get this ENTIRE PPL KIT for only $195.00!
No other Private Pilot Kit is this complete!  And, if you want to order items individually, you can do that as well.
Here’s what you’re getting:

The ultimate book for student pilots!


Private Pilot In Three Months eBook (for download as a PDF)
I wrote this ebook just for you.  I wanted to help people who have a dream of flying, but have no idea where to start.  This book is practically a blueprint that will take you through the process of earning you wings.  It includes information on:

  • How to finance your flight training
  • Pilot careers
  • Pilot medical certificates
  • Choosing the perfect flight school and flight instructor
  • Tips and tricks on passing your exams with flying colors
  • Checklists for planning your cross country flights
  • Lesson check sheets
  • Staying healthy throughout your training
  • And much more!

Free with any purchase

Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (for download as a PDF)
All the theory you need to know to be a safe and proficient pilot.  This is the FAA’s handbook of aeronautical knowledge containing information the FAA expects you to know in order to designate you as a pilot.

Free with any purchase

Airplane Flying Handbook (for download as a PDF)
Contains detailed information on the practical side of flying – maneuvers, takeoffs & landings, navigation, etc.  It even teaches you how to recover from bad landings…something every pilot will encounter!

Free with any purchase

Federal Aviation Regulations / Airman’s Information Manual (FAR/AIM) (for download as PDF)
This is a 2 for 1:The FAR’s contain the regulations that you are expected to be aware of and follow as a pilot.  Unfortunately, it was written by lawyers, so the AIM helps you understand these better by giving guidance in plain English.

Free with any purchase

Private Pilot Syllabus
Following a syllabus is KEY in getting your certificate as efficiently as possible.  It will keep you on track and focused during each phase of your flight training.


Private Pilot Maneuvers (SOPs) (for download as PDF)
While the Airplane Flying Handbook contains detailed information on flying maneuvers, it doesn’t contain brief step-by-step procedures that you can actually practice.  These procedures will ensure that you are ready for each lesson and that you don’t waste any time learning something in the air, that you can learn on the ground.


Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide (for download as PDF)
Pass your oral exam with flying colors with this Question & Answer guide.  Easy to use and mimics an actual checkride Oral Exam – this will be one test you won’t need to worry about.


Private Pilot Written Exam Guide
Pass your written exam with flying colors.  Includes practice tests.


Aviation Headset
Clear and concise communications are imperative in the flight environment.  This headset is a great student pilot starter headset giving you the best bang for your buck.  While higher quality headsets, such as Active Noise Reduction Headsets, by known brand manufacturers are a bit more comfortable, they can easily be 10-20 times more money!  These will fit into anyone’s budget.


Aviation Plotter
For planning your cross-country flights, this rotating aviation plotter will simplify your life.  Easy to use and durable, it’s a student pilot essential.


E6B Flight Computer
While electronic computers are available, a manual flight computer like this will train your brain to think like a pilot.  It sharpens your skills and allows you to become intimately familiar with the everyday computations that pilots face.


Pilot Kneeboard
Stay organized and efficient with this 3-compartment kneeboard.

$9.95 (Small) / $29.95 (Professional)

Pilot Logbook
Keep current on your flight time with this simple pilot logbook.  The bigger, professional pilot logbook is also available for those of you going for a pilot career.
Small Logbook

Professional Logbook


Flight Bag
The perfect student pilot bag will carry all your charts, headsets, and supplies you need on each flight.  Compact in size, but very durable, it’s a great starter bag.
Price for entire PPL Package Save over $90!!!

You Pay Only $195

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