With regards to flight, how about we simply say that a few things are left noticeable all around. That is the reason we called our pilot Paola Oyarzún, who flies A320 planes on homegrown courses in Chile, to address the inquiries we as a whole need to know yet never had the chance to inquire.

1. What number of pilots are fundamental for each flight?

It relies upon the flight length. For built up teams, there are normally a couple of additional pilots (notwithstanding the pilot and copilot). However, once more, it relies upon the flight term and every country’s guidelines with respect to the base and greatest measure of hours each pilot can work. On my courses (homegrown trips in Chile), there are two pilots on board: a chief and a first official (copilot).

2. When you’re flying, what time region do you utilize?

For most flight activities, we use UTC (Universal Time Coordinated, which fills in as the reason for time regions around the world) as a kind of perspective. At the point when we land, we begin utilizing the neighborhood time for different cycles.

3. Where do you rest? What’s more, what latrine do you utilize?

I fly the A320 airplane family, intended for short-pull flights, so there’s no exceptional spot for me to rest. On other plane models for long stretch flights, there are unique seats for resting or a spot called team rest compartment, with beds. With respect to the latrine, we utilize similar ones travelers do: we as a rule utilize the latrines in the front since they are nearer to us, and each time we leave the cockpit during the flight, an extraordinary security methodology should be followed.

8 inquiries you’ve without exception needed to pose to a pilot

4. Do you have the opportunity to investigate the spots you fly to?

Indeed. We regularly have this chance when we go through the evening. Be that as it may, when it’s a return trip around the same time, we look out for the plane for around 30 or 40 minutes: it’s the time important to clean the airplane and set it up for the following excursion.

5. Would you be able to leave the cockpit when autopilot is on?

Autopilot is on during the greater part of the trip to lessen our responsibility. Cockpits can never be left unattended. We alternate to do everything: utilize the latrine, eat… In the event that one of us needs to leave the cockpit, the team should follow a methodology.

6. How would you begin a plane?

We have a strategy that, in basic terms, depends on a switch, which initiates the motors and makes a flash that begins the burning system. Everything is mechanized and very current.

8 inquiries you’ve for a long time truly needed to pose to a pilot

7. Can a business pilot fly all airplane models?

Pilots can fly any kind of plane, yet they need a particular permit for every one on account of their diverse specialized attributes. For my situation, I fly the A320 family, however I can get a permit to fly bigger models.

8. Do you eat similar food as the travelers?

No. As a matter of fact, pilots and copilots don’t have a similar dinner for security reasons.

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